Glen Arbor is a multi-generational church, and as such we offer a wide assortment of ministries to meet the needs and spiritual growth of each demographic group by age and place in life.

Children and Family

Glen Arbor places a very high emphasis on quality children and family ministry... our future is developing spiritually grounded kids! Since it is the parents God-given responsibility to rear their kids in the faith, Glen Arbor views our ministry as "coming along side" and assisting parents during their children's key developmental years.  Find Out More...

Teen Ministry

Glen Arbor places a strong emphasis on reaching the next generation for Christ! We also value parental involvement in influencing our teens.  Find Out More...

College and Young Adult Ministry

We believe God wants to use college students and young adults mightily to advance His Kingdom!  They are our next generation of leaders!  Find Out More...

Men and Women

Our adult men and women ministries and small groups are plentiful. Our main small groups consist of small accountability groups and larger breaking of bread groups.  Find Out More...

Leadership Development

The church's mission rises and falls on leadership. GCLI (Great Commission Leadership Institute) was created to see more leaders raised up for Jesus Christ and His church.  Find Out More...

Other Organizations

Glen Arbor also supports other organizations that fit into our vision of serving families and the community, such as:

-Boy Scout Troop 33 - we sponsor this excellent troop, who meets at Glen Arbor on Monday nights.

-Teaching Homes for Christ (THC) - home school support group that meets at Glen Arbor on the fourth Monday of every month during the school year.

-The Simple Gifts Foundation - we host annual events for this non-profit who provides assistance to children with disabilities and their families.