Our members are the ministers of the church, ministering to each other and to the community at large.  This is a core value of Glen Arbor.  One of the purposes of the leaders of our church is to equip the members of the church for the work of service.


The Biblical office of Deacon is held by members with a specific role of service to the church.  In Glen Arbor, our ministry heads are usually deacons and fill this role for the proper functioning of the church.


The Biblical office of Elder (commonly called Pastor) is the recognized role of church leader.  Glen Arbor operates with a plurality of elders, who work together as a team to lead, administrate, and shepherd the church.  Our current elders are:

Greg Standinger (bio)

Dean Klapatch (bio)

Mike Eichin (bio)


To help facilitate the many needs of the church, we employ some church members as staff to serve our local body.  Our current staff are:

Dean Klapatch (one of our elders)

Paula Hahn (our church secretary)