Mike Eichin Bio

As the newest member of the Glen Arbor elder team since early 2012, Mike is one of the working elders of the church.  In this role he juggles church ministry, family, and job.

Mike was a founding member of Glen Arbor back in the summer of 1987 when our church met in homes.  He met his wife in one of these home groups, and together they have been raising a family in the western suburbs of Chicago ever since.

Sandwiched in-between his computer engineering jobs, Mike was also an employee of Glen Arbor for 5 years as college ministry director during the late 90s.  He currently focuses primarily on family and children ministry within our church.

His passions in the church are helping families raise up the next generation spiritually, teaching, missions, and seeing Glen Arbor launch new ministries and initiatives to reach more people with the life changing message of the Gospel.